Thursday, 31 October 2013


Autumn is that fantastic time of the year when changes are apparent to everyone in our setting, even the least vocal.  We have a fabulous tree in our outdoor space which produces beautiful colour at different gradual stages throughout September and October.

The best stage in the bright yellow just before they all fall off when it reflects all the light.  The children love it and we get so much language from them.  "Different" and "Same" ring out from every mouth but many of our children go deeper than that.  Some of our N2 children talk about the changes they have seen in a short period of time.  One boy talked to me at length about how the tree was green when we came back from the summer and the leaves began to "die slowly" as it got "colder and colder."

For the EYFS it is difficult to really explain changes to children, especially as many are not as observant as we would like.  Despite the use of melting ice and baking cakes most of our children find it hard to see these changes.  Autumn seems very good at demonstrating changes to our children with very little help from us!

Of course the other great thing about Autumn is that change we all get inside.  Its the harvest festival time when food becomes a really important part of our lives (not that it isn't already;)).  A walk around the local supermarket shows you the abundance of strange and wonderful produce available this time of year.  I am lucky to have a local shop which stocks over a dozen different squashes, all of which are fascinating to adults, never mind children!

One of our Early Years Practitioners made a wonderful display for our entrance way for autumn.  It has got a lot of our children talking and looks wonderful for our parents as they come in to the Nursery - which after all is a good step towards them talking more and more to their children:)

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