Friday, 14 February 2014

Engaging parents at the door: Phonics

One of the other Nursery teachers sent this area up in our entrance way a few weeks ago.  It links directly with Phase 2 Set 1 phonics (SATPIN) and blending and segmenting.
The idea was to get parents involved from the moment they step in the door and to show parents what the children are doing with us.  

The fried eggs are just yellow paper on top of white but laminated.  The 'fire' is shredded red, orange and yellow paper.  

We also have a folder on the table which contains all of the previous "this week in Nursery sheets" (post coming soon) which parents can look through whenever they are interested.  The basket of books is there to help our parents (many of whom are new to English) fully understand the importance of phonics in the lives of such young children.


  1. You may be interested in reading an article on the TACTYC website -, under occasional papers called 'Early Literacy: A broader vision'. It argues for the importance of not just a phonics based approach.

  2. I completely agree that no setting should focus on a singular approach to developing reading. We use phase 2 phonics for a small group (20/90) children with a good degree of success. We have a plethora of other opportunities to excel in reading and literacy throughout the setting, not just synthetic phonics.

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