Sunday, 23 February 2014

Engaging parents: High frequency & tricky words.

Earlier this month I posted 'Engaging parents at the door: Phonics' where we set up a SATPIN activity in our entrance way.

The same teacher has now moved onto a high frequency and tricky word display. 
It probably seems a little early, however some of our children are ready to be learning these words.
We learn these at a very slow pace and it is only a small selection of children, the rest continue to follow Ph1 and pre-Ph1. 

We learn these words through a commercial program called bear words.  It links with the reception topic of 'bears' and has proven to be a far better way to encourage learning of these words.  Some of these words can be blended and segmented, whilst others cannot.

They learn sets of words at a time in 'bears,' e.g. the words here are 'Bear 1.'

Only a few of our children access these bear words and at a very slow pace. 

Once they have learned them they can move onto the next bear and this carries on into reception.