Monday, 10 February 2014

Following their interests - construction and small world

Today my fellow teacher planned to put our the garages and cars in the construction/small world area.  The children haven't had the garages inside for a while as we're in full swing of our fairytale topic.
The children loved it!  Initially everyone gave it a go but it ended up being those quieter boys from the nursery who won't always speak to you but enjoy pushing around toys.

Initially we started off with just the cars and garages, then one of our fabulous EYP's used some masking tape and make a set of roads.  They then worked together and build a "zoo" and a "railway line" alongside.

Then, quite serendipitously, we were given a box of brand new cars which were made for us.  One of the reception teachers fabulously talented brother had made us a full set of wonderful little vehicles.  We hadn't expected them but they were sent to us and the children just LOVED them.  We had such a wonderful day and hope to build on it tomorrow.

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