Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Outdoor play

This morning's weather was miserable.  It wasn't meant to be my day outside but I ended up there anyway, so we made the most of it!  One of the EYP's in our setting had set up two distinctly different but very exciting activities which the children always enjoy:

A few weeks ago we had an outdoor sand restaurant/cafe, and the time before that it was a school kitchen.  The concept is simple but very enjoyable.  Use a tuff spot (builders/black tray - we used a rectangular one) and fill with sand (or mud) and provide plenty of tools for them to use to make the 'food'.

We usually provide (in various colours, shapes and sizes): Spoons, plates, cups, bowls, cutlery, pans, pots, microwave (toy or real), oven (we prefer toy) and a table and chair to sit on.  You could also add plastic (picnic) crockery and cutlery, straws, buttons and beads.  I suppose you could also even add food.

The idea is really to use very messy, claggy materials such as sand or soil and to play in that - the messier the better!

Our second activity was the car wash (and we sang, "Car wash").  Using the toy car and water we gave it a "good clean".  

We provided:
Read tyres, sponges, brushes (different sizes and shapes), buckets, water, watering cans and soap.  As it was raining heavily we didn't dry the car but we often do provided towels to dry it.  We had to explain to them today about that.

We have in the past washed the cars of the staff using hoses and buckets but the weather doesn't lend itself to doing this for long periods of time and our children don't always enjoy wearing the wet suits.

The two above activities provided us with a whole heap of really exciting talk and vocabulary.  Below are some of the great sentences I heard today:

"Wash the wheels, they're round, like a circle.""Look, bubbles, little.""My brush won't fit in, too big" (Brush into his bucket)."You like that, I eat that, I make you roti.""I gonna cook it, pass here.""Its not ready yet.""I'm making keema, look for dog, he like.""my mum make food for my dad, look rice."

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