Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Supporting fine motor control: Grain.

We believe that the development of fine motor control to be of paramount importance for our children.  We do a lot of things with our black tray (tuff spot/builders tray) to support this.  Below is a picture of a grain activity we have set up for tomorrow morning.  The children use the small tools (spoons, scoops, whisks, plates etc.) to gather the grains and then.. well do what they want with them!  Usually they enjoy filling containers but some enjoy making patterns or talking about colours etc.

We are looking at orange this week so tomorrow will be all about picking out the orange lentils (I might even break out the tweezers!).

We use sweet trays (plenty of these left over from Christmas) for them to fill as this engages them in the SSM strand.
There are so many variations to this activity, but be conscious of the community of your setting.  Some of our parents don't like us using food so we need to be delicate with what we choose.
Let us know what you think.

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