Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Water beads: my slippery slimy saviour!

Water beads are far more versatile than I first gave them credit for.  I bought some from eBay in a bit of a haze - hoping to find something new and exciting to pep up our water area. Adding then to the water in the tray just wasn't a great idea because they quickly disintegrated. So I left them for a while.  Then after a quick twitter exchange one dull Sunday morning I was advised to try the following:

This is a combination of the following:
Plain old water beads, Frozen water beads, (With thanks to @tishylishy on twitter for this idea) and 'natural mini' water beads.  (Natural beads are made using Basil seeds, very cheap and fabulously versatile, check out the link).

The children really enjoyed mixing the beads altogether and of course a lot were squished and destroyed - but that is expected.  What struck me was how the more able, typically academic children were fascinated by them.

One final idea someone mentioned was leaving the spent beads outside where the elements can get to them, that way they will shrink and grow in the weather.  Fab to talk about change!