Friday, 28 March 2014

Attention levels

The following information a reference from Coop, Moodley and Reynell, 1978 - Helping Language Development:

0-1 years (approx): Fleeting attention - Child is easily distracted and attention moves from one activity or object to another quickly.

1-2 years (approx): Rigid attention - Child can focus on a single activity or objects but is incapable of concentrating or noticing things beyond this.  Child may appear stubborn or disinterested.

2-3 years (approx): Single channelled attention - Child will take in whole environment but can only concentrate on a single object or action. Can either do or say - cannot do both.  To gain attention the adult must gain eye contact and stop activity.

3-4 years (approx): Developing attention - Beginning to develop attention (and focus) but cannot focus on more than a single activity at once.  Child can shift attention from one activity to another independently.

4-5 years (approx): Two channelled attention - Child can listen and do at the same time (e.g. listen to instructions about constructing something whilst constructing.)
Concentration is short.

5-6 years (approx): Integrated/established attention - Fully established attention.  Two channeled, child will say and do at the same time in all situations.