Monday, 17 March 2014

Bubble dough

Today was all about bubble dough!

The dough is similar to gloop (cornflour and water) but much thicker.  You can also get creative with what you use to colour it or the scents which you can add to it.

You will need:

1 'cup'
1 x teaspoon
1 x large mixing bowl
Big box of cornflour
Washing up liquid
Cooking oil.
Food colouring (optional)
Flavouring or scent. (optional)

1) Scoop out three cups of cornflour and add to the bowl.

2) Squeeze out 1 cup of washing up liquid and add to the bowl.

3) Measure out 4 teaspoons of cooking oil and add to the bowl.

4) Add any scent or colour (optional) to the bowl.

5) MIX!

6) Roll the dough out once it has come together and begin to knead. 

7) Keep kneading until all of the mix is combined and the dough is silky smooth.

We counted out how many scoops or spoons we used and worked very hard at sharing and taking turns.

We added some tools and even some real ice cream cones as the children thought it was a little like ice cream.  (We'll try ice cream dough soon I think!)

Its such a strange feel as it continues to 'melt' on your hand.

The dough only lasted a few hours and didn't make a particularly large ball but as it got dry and started to crumble, we added some more washing up liquid to it and it began to soften and come together again.
We didn't even need to add much more colour or any scent because the washing up liquid we used was vibrant red and smelled of beautiful cherries.