Monday, 31 March 2014

Cuckoo for Cars

We have been inspired by one of our reception classes who had a two week mini-topic on dinosaurs, to have our very own child-led mini topic.  Our children had been getting very bored of castles, princes and princesses so we decided to follow their interests and have a 'car' topic.  This especially appealed to some of the quieter boys who are just cuckoo for cars!  We centred this around a book, as usual and we chose Toot Toot, Beep Beep.

It's only the first day but we have already had some very good responses from the children (boys and girls alike).  Below are some of the pictures from our first day:

Two of our EYP's spent time rearranging our construction and carpet area to feature cars more prominently.

Outside today we spent a long time today building up play surrounding cars. We laid out the typical car mat, and a collection of small and large vehicles and I got out some of our big bikes and cars. We used chalk to make some roads.

We built up our play gradually through the day.  Some of the girls were busy sticking and started to make cars using milk bottles, boxes and wheels.

We used lots of junk materials to build a car outdoors and role played being a taxi, taking children to different places, "mcdonalds, football, tesco, morrisons."

Some of the children helped me to make roads using pens on large rolls of white paper.  We had "long roads," "short roads," "pink roads," "this bit means stop."

I'm excited about where this will go next, will post more as it happened and some photographs of what is happening inside;)