Saturday, 8 March 2014

Making bird feeders

You may have read on my 'Outdoor diary' that we worked together to make some bird feeders.  It was really quite simple to make and they look really effective hanging from our tree.  Below are two different methods to make bird feeders, one is messier than the other but between the two they combine many of the skills we work towards:

Method 1 - Lardy cake bird feeders:

1) First we mixed a full block of Trex into a bowl after "chopping" it up.
2) Then we added about 2 cups of bird seeds (but about a 50:50 measurement seems to work). Mix it together.
3) We cut a small hole in the bottom of a yoghurt pot and thread a string through, tying a knot at one end.
4) We add the mix to the yoghurt pots to the top and "smoothed" it over.
5) Hang from the tree!

We found that if you hang the bird feeders upside down the lard mix will fall out during the first few flecks of sunshine.  So we hung them the other way up.  The advantage is they remain in the pots and birds can land on them to feed, the disadvantage being they fall to the side and don't look as nice hanging from your tree.

Method 2 - Cheerio and pipe cleaners:

1) Gather together about a dozen long pipe cleaners.
2) Tie a knot in one end, at the other begin to thread the cheerios and push them down to the bottom.
3) Fill each pipe cleaner with cereal but leave enough to curl around a small branch to hang.

These are very attractive on a branch but less effective at attracting birds - but then its food and any food will attract them:)

I hope you enjoy, let me know how you get on...