Wednesday, 19 March 2014

'Scrambled egg' dough

Ok so its not exactly scrambled egg - but thats what all of our children thought it was.  It was actually Custard dough (equal parts shaving foam to dry custard powder).  You need to be careful about how you mix it because if you do it one way it turns out differently to how it does another way:

We added the custard powder into the bowl first and then added a whole can of shaving foam - this made the dough very yellowy and the mix was sticky and soft.
The second time we added the foam first then a bit of custard powder at a time.  This combined better and made it less sticky and easier to mould. 

We first laid it out on the tray after mixing it up.  The children had a lovely play but it took quite a time to get them to get involved.  Initially they were rubbing it between their fingers and talked about how "soft" it was.  Next one little girl told me that it was like scrambled eggs.  So I reached for some empty egg cartons and laid them on the tray.

They started to fill the containers and then one girl told me, 'This one is the bird, and this one, but this one is the crocodile."  We have been doing "The odd egg" as our core story this week because we have got the eggs and the chicks in our school.  It was lovely that the girl had made these links between everything we were doing.

We also got, "lets get the dinosaurs, dinosaurs have eggs too!"

When the dough began to dry out we sprayed some more shaving foam into the tray.  We mixed, mixed, mixed!!  Part of our topic this week is all about colour mixing and making things.

If you add a little more custard powder you can even roll the rough into balls and bounce them!  

It really is a lovely discovery;)