Friday, 25 April 2014

New writing area

This is just a quickie post.  We've not been very excited about our writing area lately.  Its been a little run down and constantly messy.  We had been talking about the skills that we want the children to develop for some time and came up with some ideas:-

* Collection of pre-printed words taken from our 'Bear words' which we learn alongside phonics.
* Scrabble letters (introducing these and will hopefully move onto playing junior scrabble soon).
* Exciting new writing frames, envelopes etc.
* Scissors and glue (Because our children have begun to get more creative in how they write instead of just on simple paper.)

We also work at the layout.  We weren't happy with the standard table layout so opted for the £5 tables from Ikea.  Me and another teacher had a quick nip to the local Ikea (and managed to get the £10 ones by accident!) and then got painting.

We painted on of the tables with sticky blackboard paint and another we splattered with various different colours from tester pots.

Hopefully this will mean the children have a slightly more 'intimate' feel and will access the area.

We also put down a rug and I'm in the process of sourcing some comfy cushions so they can sit and write.  

Our children love to write but many don't access the area at all - hopefully this will entice some of those more reluctant writers to give it a go.

Finally we made a 'familiar print' display which will be like a working wall for logos, print, brands etc that we see around.  The display contains some very familiar (and not so healthy) print which will hopefully get the children talking about letters and sounds.

More next week on how its working and any wonderful writing we get:)