Saturday, 5 April 2014

Race cars agogo!!

Today was Friday (yay!).  Its been a very tough week all around.  But we have had a really lovely time with our children and through our 'mini-topic' of cars.   See this post for Monday and what we started outside.

Since then we have had quite a collection going on.  There are other things but I've not got around to snapping pictures yet but wanted to share some of the great things we have tried:

One of our fabulous EYP's was making road signs in the small world/construction area early this week.  They were talking about numbers, colours and shapes.  It was very mathematical and its really interesting to find out what children know about the signs.

Outside today we FINALLY finished our parade cars.  We painted them different colours and began to embellish them using number plates and wheels.  We didn't quite finish this but none the less we used them.  

It was super busy outside today (it seemed everyone was outside, despite the weather.)  But powering through we set up a very basic rack using ribbons and stands.  I drew 'Start' on the floor using chalk. 

We asked the children to sit on the tyres and cheer.

It was fantastic, the children got really into it.  I used a cone to be the announcer and gave each child a 'name' e.g. Speedy Sam.  We had some real winners and they all wanted a medal - so Monday, we've got to find some medals!

We also got busy 'washing' our car today.  But rather than using bubbles and water like you would usually, we 'painted' the car using shaving foam.  This gave a lathered up effect and allowed us to check that all of it had been 'cleaned.' We then washed it off using plain water.