Thursday, 22 May 2014

A day in the rain

Today I woke up to such a miserable day. Pretty much the entire country was suffering so I shouldn't complain. Its quite a challenge being able to present an attractive and exciting set up when we have lost so much of our space and our resources are a little rubbish! But we made do.

First thing (after suiting up) was to play with some powder paint using brushes. We talked about mixing the colours together and what colours they make.

Then one of the children came to me and told me he had found a snail.  This sparked a hunt for snails all around the session. I gave him a large yoghurt pot and this is what he brought back.

They kept trying to escape and the little boy was using funny voices for their narrative.

We counted how many snails he had found, then they all started to slither away.

Sadly at one point some children gave them a bath, but they dried out, 'woke up,' and slithered off.

Its hard work at the moment but I think the last few weeks of super sunshine has charged up my batteries so I can take a few bad weather days so long as the children stay as creative and excitable as they are:).

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