Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Getting musical

This morning we had a spectacular treat. In our school, Year 1 do an African topic and were getting the African drummers in for some workshops. However they weren't going to use their first hours worth of slots and were so kind to let us use it!
I was very excited because at Uni I remember my favourite lecture was when loads of drumming companies came in and conducted workshops simultaneously. It was so much fun and I want to share that with my children.  So thanks Year 1 for the chance!

We took them in small groups.

The man (I didn't catch his name, oh!) sang "Walking through the Jungle" and linked it to making different sounds of the drum.

We sang a traditional African song and even made up some songs.

It was a lovely morning and it was really nice to see some of those quieter children getting something from it.  I saw my manager on the way out and mentioned how much we loved it so hopefully, next year, we will get them back for all our children:)

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