Wednesday, 7 May 2014

New 'Growing' area.

As part of our Growing and Minibeast topic we looked at our sand area.  It was phenomenal when we first laid it out but it became tired by the end of the term because it was used so much!

In the past we have used compost, plant pots and flowers.  We added a few different size seeds too.

This year we wanted to take it a little further and try to keep their excitement going for the area.

 We made sure they had the basic resources you would expect in a growing area:

* Seeds/beans (We added Sunflower seeds and butter beans (cheaper for the amount we will use).
* Gloves
* Hand tools such as mini rakes, trowels, forks.
* Lollipop sticks for them to write a label.
* Silk flowers (short stemmed).
* Watering cans.
* Collection of small, medium and large plant pots.
* Weighing scale to measure compost.
* Long troughs for planting.
* Collection of yellow, blue and red tools (to link to the sand area which we had before).

We also added some real vegetables (potatoes and carrots) for them to bury and discover.

We made sure the vocabulary associated with the growing area was displayed. We chose particular vocabulary that was relevant but also some that might just come up.

Our core story this week has been 'Jaspers Beanstalk' and we made sure we included this in the growing area rather than the reading area as usual.  It allows children to link the growing (and what they have learned about planting, watering etc. from the story) to the story itself.

We made sure that we displayed our 3 'wow' words (words which we are focussing on so all children understand their meaning and can begin to use them). 

Lets see how it goes..