Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Ready for a picnic

So building on from the camping we have had this week I brought in the picnic set which I made earlier in the year.

On the first day (Tuesday) I set it up and we played very simply. We started by role playing using natural resources such as grass and leaves and had a game of 'rain' where we would just keep packing up and moving on when it rained.

Today (Wednesday) we added some little plastic boxes containing different natural objects and some little glass jars of 'jam' and 'custard'.

It was a lovely little role play with a lot of mathematical opportunities:

Sorting and matching the four colours.
How many pieces of cutlery per colour?
How many glasses?
How many colours?

We also had one little boy who noticed the similarities between the pattern for our blanket and the pattern on a girls dress ("same but different colours").

We can continue to add to this throughout the week based on what the children have interests in.

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