Monday, 16 June 2014

Cornmeal dough

So I have dabbled in quite a few cornflour based doughs (Gak, Scrambled egg dough and Bubble dough) .  Today I decided to try adding some of the cornmeal we have had kicking about for a while into it to see what we made!

Initially it took some careful adjusting to get the recipe right but in the end we made it.

Add together in one bowl:

1kg of cornmeal
approx 1kg of corn flour
1/2 cup powder paint (what ever colour)
(as much water as needed for desired consistency).

So basically we made it up until it had the consistency of good playdough (not too crumbly or too runny.)

We could work the dough and knead it like playdough but would 'melt' away much like cornflour and water (goop).

The best part of using cornmeal as well as cornflour means that it doesn't dry out for quite a few hours and also it maintains a great texture so you can roll it around in balls!

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