Tuesday, 17 June 2014

"Go with the flow" dough.

This week I am in the 'messy area' of our Nursery.  This time of the year most of the children are outside but we have a few floating around so we get to make something exciting in the black tray.

Yesterday we made some 'Cornmeal dough,' but today rather than leading the play I decided to start something off and see where it took us.

Initially we started with some cornflour and water and we worked together to mix it.  I had already put out a bag of oats into the tray.

The children got mixing and pretty soon someone asked to add some paint.  Little boy S picked the "black powder" paint and in it went.  (I assisted with quantity, no-one wants super paint covered hands at home time!) "Glitter?" - yup!

Next a little boy wanted to mix in the oats so in we tipped.

Then "more water, too dry!"  In goes more water.

"its still too dry, more water?"  I suggested we used some baby oil, in it went.  2 bottles later it was lovely and slippery.

In the end we used:

2kg of oats
600g of cornflour
400ml of water
2 1/2 bottles of stand baby oil (didn't catch the measure)
3 table spoons of powder paint.

It was a really lovely experience to not 'create' something through instructions but to allow the children to create and see where things go themselves (with me there to guide away from adding glue sticks and scissors..!)

The children enjoyed playing with the dough thoroughly today and even asked for some dinosaurs.  They played for over an hour just rubbing the dinosaurs with the dough and then had a brilliant time washing it off!

Tomorrow I just don't know, but I guess its up to the children:)!

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