Friday, 6 June 2014

Making light boxes

I won't insult you by preaching about something new. In fact light boxes have been around for a long time and their effects are well known.  Home made ones, like the ones below, are also very common and have been doing the rounds for almost a year online.  They're very simple to make and I've included instructions and pricing below for anyone wanting to give it a go.

How to make a simple light box:

I decided to break from fashion slightly and make two smaller light boxes instead of one big one.  I needed some things from Ikea so I got:

2 x battery powered fairy lights (£4 each) and batteries (£1.50)
2 x plastic boxes with lids (£2 each)
Sellotape, greaseproof paper (this diffuses the light so you aren't blinded) and electric tape (optional).

So you can make a mini light box for about £7.50 with batteries to spare.  Of course you could make a larger box for a little more but I would say you need to double up on the lights.  I chose the boxes from Ikea because they were both cheap and were pretty much flat. They have a separated corners which are great little sections to sort beads etc.


1) Cut greaseproof paper to fit the bottom of your box. (The box will sit upside down in this way. Its your choice if you do it that way or the other way, adjust the instructions accordingly but it really depends on your box).
2) Do the same for the four sides.  Sellotape each piece down to the box ensuring you cover every part of the box with paper.
3) Tape the power pack to the lid with electrical (or some other strong, reusable tape. Remember you need to remove this each time you replace the batteries but it needs to remain sticky).
4) Tape the lights to the lid covering each part of it without touching the rim.
5) Turn on lights, put on the lid and tap it down securely so no little critters can get their hands in. Use Sellotape otherwise it will look a little messy.
6) Turn it upside down and enjoy!

Glass beads are somewhat easy to get hold of but you need to watch out because sometimes you can be ripped off!  I bought one pack from BM for 89p and there were about 100 beads in. Then 1 pack from ASDA for £1 and it had about 20.

I used some permanent markers to make the clear ones I got a little more colourful, adding patterns etc to them. You can basically use whatever you want so long as its transparent.  (E.g numbers, shapes, dots/stripes for patterns.)

What you can use or do?

Well, here are quite a few ideas:

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