Sunday, 15 June 2014

Phase 1 phonics - Tinned Animals!

I had been hounding my dad for these Ringtons biscuit tins for years.  Every year his mam buys him one more tin and they'd been sitting in his cupboard since between I graduated.

"Please, for the sake of the children!" I begged, no luck.

Last week for no reason he discarded all 12 biscuit tins he'd been saving on to me. I was in luck!

I had a plan, in fact I tweeted my fellow teacher and gave her the good news.

My plan was to use these tins to hide animal inside and get the children to guess what animal was hiding within!

I had the plan to do this by first by introducing the children to the animals before we put them into any tins.  Then follow this through at a later session by hiding the animals in the tins and making the animal sounds - "Which animal?"  Finally we wanted to encourage independence so allow the children to lead the game, and even change to naming the animal and encourage the group to make the sound back

We tried it over a few different days with varying degrees of success.


But luckily by the end of the week we had the children leading the game by themselves, describe the animal by its sound and encouraging the other children to guess what sound.

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