Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Phonics phase 1 - Football!!

Its that time again and the non-sporty folk give a massive groan. I'm not a sporty person by any stretch of the imagination however I know that many of our reception-ready boys will LOVE the world cup.  But at 3 and 4 they will never have experienced a world cup or anything quite like it before.  So we're busy brain storming and planning for the term ahead and making it football crazy.

Here is our first design, the phonics/engaging parents table in the entrance way.  We have had phase 2 and 1 phonics on here quite a bit but now we're trying to entice some of the quieter ones to engage within the 'Instrumental sounds' strand of the Ph1 phonic programme.  We're going to 'encourage' the children to make their own noise makers this coming week, but I dare say we won't need to encourage at all.

As always we included the Nursery folder which documents all of the 'Try at home' information as well as important notices for parents.  Bilingual and available at all times.

Check back for more world cup ideas and experiences.

Thanks Twinkl for the lettering, little people and football pictures.

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