Wednesday, 11 June 2014

World cup update: Dribbling (the football kind)

Quick post, we got our lot dribbling the other day.  This was quite a challenge for the children considering our playground slopes!  Originally I set the cones out randomly around the Nursery yard (but close together to dribble).  Then an EYP set them out against the numbers (Eureka!).  The children started to use language such as top and bottom (1-bottom 10-top) and they explained why.

Then it proved quite tricky to understand how to go around the cones so I drew a link using the chalk on the ground.  This made it a lot easier for the children to work around the cones.

It was interesting to see how hard it was for our children to pass the ball from one foot to another - a skill we take for granted.  Our reception children all do 'Gross motor skills' as a discrete program and our manager has asked us to follow some of it too.  It was clear that even our most able children struggle with their footwork.

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