Monday, 25 August 2014

Natural construction

As part of the Nursery expansion some of our trees were cut down.  Usually these would have ended up in a skip or being used for fire wood somewhere down the line but we I managed to sneak some into our store before anyone noticed (totally giving the game away here I know!)

We I didn't take too many but it was just enough to get them started at stacking and building.  I didn't want them to think too much about building tall towers, but instead to think about balancing.  Too many of our blocks are thick/wide so balancing isn't a tricky thing for our children.

Many of them found it instantly frustrating, but a few were able to continue to stack despite them having up to 45degree slopes.  Anything beyond 2 bricks tended to need a helper to hold.  But this was brilliant because before long we heard:

"you hold this bit here and I will put one on top,"

"turn it around then it will be flat,"

"its rocking, it needs something to hold it."

Wonderful language and all from a little scavenge.  So over the summer and through the holidays I will be looking for anymore resources I can steal borrow. 

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