Monday, 8 September 2014

My first day in Nursery - A tale from Miss Kim

A few of my teacher friends talk about the Sunday night dread where they frantically laminate, plan and make a number of resources. Last night I felt the Sunday night dread for a different reason altogether, tomorrow was going to be my first ever day as a fully qualified teacher and to top it off I was becoming a nursery teacher! We had spent the past week cleaning, setting up, planning, laminating and cutting out. In that time I had gotten to know my team and vaguely got my head around exactly what happens in nursery. I had been reassured by my fellow teachers, support staff and friends that I would be good enough, that I would fit in. This didn’t matter; I still felt fear. I decided an early night was a good start and went to bed.
Today was a different day and in one word I would describe it as surprising. The classroom was set up and the nursery staff were raring to go. The children soon arrived and settled back into the nursery and before I knew it, I was taking part in a small group activity with my new children. We sang, said who we were and talked all about our adventures in the holidays. I then went outside during choosing time. We had kept the provision simple, making sure that we had activities that the staff knew the children loved. To my surprise, the children expanded on the provision without any guidance whatsoever. The sand area became a bakery and the inside of the climbing frame became a house. I felt inspired. I wanted to expand on their interests.
So tonight I have been planning how I am going to set up the outside provision, making sure that I have a bakery and a home area. My fear has completely disappeared and I am excited for tomorrow. I might be good enough after all.

Miss Kim is a Nursery teacher in the same school as myself. She completed her NQT year in the same school and trained as a primary school teacher.

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