Thursday, 4 September 2014

Review: Finally! A borax free Uk slime!

Before I begin let me state you won't find the recipe here. Instead you need to

I didn't stumble upon the recipe myself and I don't want to take credit for it.  Instead I do want to review it.  I found this over the summer on the website above and was a little excited I have to say. I dashed out to buy the detergent and waited with baited breath for school to start so I could get the other supplies.  Our children haven't started yet (we're finishing a spot of building!) so I used a precious five seconds after work tonight to try it out and wow!

I have attached some photos below.  I, obviously, haven't had the chance to use this with children yet but I am hoping that if any reception class teachers from my school see this they might have a go.

The two ingredients (see link above for what these are), trial and error with quantities.

When mixed

I added some yellow food coloured - went streaky.

The good bits:

FINALLY!  Slime that doesn't involve breaking European law and importing poisonous borax! (I never did fyi). It doesn't have the same properties of other 'commercial' slime you can buy but I think this is down to its 'freshness'.
It moulds very well and requires just two ingredients. You can add food colour if you want as well as glitter and other objects.
Its sooo tactile!

The bad bits:

The recipe calls for an awful lot of glue! Thats something I think you need to think about before you have a go at this because potentially this is an expensive black tray job indeed. However the thing you need to really be conscious of is that the detergent is actually an irritant. Now, I had a go at this without gloves and with a very small amount of detergent and my hands are fine (We'll see in the morning I guess).  However with the little ones this might pose a risk so I would recommend caution before letting them near it (think about tools such as potato mashers and colanders.)

The detergents you can use (obvious not bio) are already coloured so whatever colour you mix you're starting with a blue or purple base so it may come out streaky like the picture opposite.

Let me know if you have a go. I am excited to try a few different approaches to this including adding some blue paint, glitter and some 'frozen' small world:)


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