Thursday, 11 December 2014

Fine motor control at Christmas

We're busily getting ready for Christmas in our setting. I imagine its the same everywhere but this year I feel a little more relaxed. It would be down to the lack of christmas rush (we're ahead, for once!) or maybe because things actually seem to be going well. Whatever the reason its nice to bring a little bit of Christmas magic from my childhood into the setting.

Pomander balls are not something necessarily from my childhood - well they are but I didn't make them. I remember friends having these on her tree and thinking what an odd thing to hang. (Who chooses fruit over chocolate..!?)

I was sceptical about how our children would fair trying to push the cloves into the orange but once I made a few holes it was actually quite simple for them to push them inside - actually a fabulous activity for developing their little fingers.

Another simple and often overlooked activity from years gone by - pasta garlands for trees. When I was at school we used to use penne pasta which was (somehow) green and red. We tried silver and gold covered pasta.

Its very easy to colour pasta. You simple empty a packed of pasta into a bowl and pour over a little amount of paint and mix well. Leave to dry and keep dry. You can do this with pasta, rice, white dried kidney beans, (in fact any light coloured beans) and with oats (you need to use powder paints for these).

We used elastic string to make 'necklaces' and "patterns" where possible and then hung these on our outside tree (until it below over and got wet:( )

I think dying pasta might be my fondest memory from christmas at school. So much of it, that and cotton wool!  Over on the facebook page we're sharing ideas for christmas, come and join in:

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