Saturday, 28 February 2015

Bird feeders - Year 2

So this time (or earlier, perhaps) last year I posted about bird feeders as part of the outdoor journal. The children really enjoyed making them but they were far more adult led than I would have liked and a little messier too.  

This year I saw this post on pinterest.  I thought, 'what a wonderful idea!' but then I realised that Peanut butter isn't exactly the best thing for children to play with because of their allergies. Also, toilet rolls, no no!!  So after making our bear cafe out of baking parchment this week I had lots of boxes left over which we could cut up to make slim tubes - eureka! 

I also found this spread on Tesco which is the spread form of the bisacuits we used to use for a Lactose intolerant girl last year.  The spread is delicious btw!!  But the children can handle this without any allergic reactions.  

I laid out a black tray with bird seeds and knifes along with the spread.  Very low key but we really explored the need for birds to be eating at this time of the year.  We talked about the little food they have available and how some people keep birds and give them seed.

The children spread the butter onto their tubes very well - developing fine motor control and then sprinkle on the seed. 

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