Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Quick post: Making tracks

On our messy table today one of our Early years practitioners get herself into a bit of a tizz.  She was pulling off the back on some sticky back plastic and it wasn't going particularly well.  I wasn't going to get involved - who am I to stifle creativity?  Turns out she was making this on our black table.  

 She lay black plastic (black bag) over the table, squirted on paint in different colours and then lay the giant sheet of sticky back plastic on top.

The children were able to make lots of marks in the paint by driving cars over the paint without getting messy.

When the colours started to blend together they mixed and the children could talk about the new colours. 

I think the next plan is to make some A4 card versions for our writing area because the paint holds the shapes for some time, so letters would be perfect. 

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