Thursday, 9 July 2015

Quick post: Painting in the rain

These past few weeks have been a strange mix of beautiful scorching sunshine and dreadful downpours which seem to last forever.  On one particular day we had the joy of both weather system so many of the resources which we had set up in the morning became drenched just after lunchtime. Our afternoon children were left with very little to play with as resources went inside to dry out. Rather than scramble and get lots of other things out of our cupboard, we decided to try and make use of the wet weather and the environment a little more.

We took one of the white sheets we had been using for the morning picnic (yes it was THAT sunny in the morning!) and pegged this onto the builders fencing (and.. yes we're STILL under construction). The sheet was already very wet so it absorbed anything we put on it very quickly. 

Next one of our EYP's spread a few splats of powder paint on the playground as well as fairy liquid.  One of the children immediately got a paintbrush, dipped it into the powder paint and began to paint away.  She was joined shortly after by another, then another.

After using the paints many of the children moved onto other activities but a few stuck about.

One little girl found some compost and added this to her 'potion.' Next came grass.

She spent well over an hour mixing up her potion to use on the canvas. 

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