Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Get your plan on

There seems to be quite a lot of plans kicking about on the interweb this term. They all seem very wordy and I just feel exhausted looking at them. I wanted to share our short term planning on here and explain why we have our entire week, for the entire setting, on a single piece of paper.

Back in the day we had very wordy plans but we realised that it was all for show.  We tried to strip it back to think about the key aspects of the planning and how we (the teachers) could ensure staff understood why they were doing an activity.

We used to see practitioners doing an activity from a plan without understanding the L.O, the skills or the links. So.. we put them in.  We also ensured that all staff were aware of the makaton and language structures we were teaching.

5 activities for 5 days (Our 5 key workers take it in turn to complete each).
Provision enhancements were kept minimal because we ensured the basic provision was purposeful, accessible and enriching - which doesn't need putting on any planning because.. well why would you!?

Our planning flows each week from the needs and interests of the children. Planning is completed on a Wednesday after school and is implemented the next day for 5 days.  

Planning cannot be reused from previous years or months because the children are never the same and their needs and interests are completely different!

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